Revision for Week 7

Hi team! Please find the tasks you can do in week 7 (or at any time!) when you are working on your study periods!

Task 1: Re-write your first Gatsby essay using the feedback you were given. I would write it into your blogs. You can find your essay and its feedback in the black and white box on my desk.


Task 2: Power paragraphs. Pick a question from the past papers below. Plan your first body paragraph for that essay including selecting the quotes you will use. Start your timer on your phone and write as much of the paragraph as you can in 25 mins. This is a good task to practice time management for your exams.

Task 3: Quote flashcards. Or any other methods you like to use to learn quotes. You could write them out on an A3 piece of paper and pin it to the front of a glass shower. Make a Quizlet set to use. JUST LEARN THEM!

Task 4: Unfamiliar text analysis. You can grab a hard copy of the PDF file below if you would rather work on paper. The relief teacher has them. Pay attention only to the written tasks, not the creative writing tasks.

Download (DOCX, 30KB)


Task 5: Spend NO MORE than 10 mins practicing your speech with a buddy.



If you want me to look at something, please email me!!


Past papers:

Download (PDF, 351KB)

Download (PDF, 512KB)

Download (PDF, 360KB)

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