An important notice about speeches…

Hello Level 1!

There is a very strong chance that I will not be at school tomorrow…I can hear you all crying over this right now.

I want to point out to you that you have a lot of ideas that have been thrown at you over the last two lessons.  I cannot select your speech topic for you. I am not going to alter the task. If you keep reading, I will tell you why.

The point behind the speaking assessment is that it is your chance to show off your own original and insightful ideas. You also have to show that you can work to a brief. Both of these things are important qualities to have, no matter what path you follow after high school.

Take the base idea of “illusion” and make it your own. Be bold. I believe you all have something important to say and I want to hear it. You have shown me this through the perspective each of you offered during our Gatsby study. I learned something from everyone. I wish to learn something from each of you again.

Inspirational speech moment over…see you Friday!

Posted by Renee Plunkett

Teacher of English at Mount Aspiring College, Wanaka, New Zealand.

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