External Study Tasks

Hi team! As promised, below is a grid of different study tasks that you can do to prepare for the externals. The more of these you do, the better prepared you will be.  


Significant Connections Peer Feedback Model

  Your task is to give feedback to three of your classmates on their significant connections essay. Using the feedback points above, you can guide them to read a number or offer your own advice.


Revision for Week 7

Hi team! Please find the tasks you can do in week 7 (or at any time!) when you are working on your study periods! Task 1: Re-write your first Gatsby essay using the feedback you

Links to some short stories for significant connections

Below are the links to some short stories you could consider for your significant connections assessment. Enjoy!   The Lost Decade- F Scott Fitzgerald The Diamond As Big As the Ritz by F Scott Fitzgerald

Significant Connections (1.8) Task Handout

Please find below the task for our upcoming significant connections assessment. This assessment is worth 4 credits. You may work on the collection of your materials both in and out of class. The final report

The link to the Quizlet sets for Unfamiliar Text Study

Below is the link that will take you to the language feature study cards on Quizlet. Feel free to use them for your own study. Note: there are three sets of “terms and definitions” and

An important notice about speeches…

Hello Level 1! There is a very strong chance that I will not be at school tomorrow…I can hear you all crying over this right now. I want to point out to you that you

1.6 (Speech) Helpful speaking resources

Below you will find several links that will provide you with that extra helping hand you might need to write your speech. Explore everything you have available to you to ensure your speech content and

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